Helping, Caring, Then Loving

Helping, Caring, Then Loving (28 Desember 2018)

Keep helping, caring, and then loving. GOOD LUCK!

Juan Karnadi
Helping, Caring, Then Loving

Helping, Caring, then Loving. How could we do this all little by little in gentleness? Probably that is what we have kept asking to ourselves. Reality might literally daunt us to be through unpleasant truth. Yes. Anything will do. Let alone the insignificant thoughts have spoilt and drastically surged ourselves into unhappiness. But if we self-handicapped ourselves from doing good, then nothing good would come back to us.

The Gain: Not Winning But Being Right

So, the attitude of one’s mind does matter enormously. As by a thought a man can do everything. He can love, he can be helpful, he can be involved, he can heal the ones in misery, and he can even influence a crowd. Contrarily, he can curse, hate, and also kill. There, we are to ponder again our objective of doing kindness. Were it only to either please others or console ourselves from disappointment towards cruelty, we would have eventually ceased and unawares been cutting the stones merely. But if it is to forge ourselves and broaden the wisdom, we will surely lead our life (and someday all the universe) into the surroundings filled by positivity.

Always be helping, caring, and then loving.

The meaning is the true gain of “Helping, Caring, then Loving” act is not by winning over every object, but by being right in any circumstance -though nobody does it. Because being right is even harder than being happy or just being good. Not to mention we do have to acquire such character through the learning of ongoing consistency.

Thus is what I have been often witnessing the entire year. As an instance, the literacy community I have joined, Sedekah Buku Indonesia (SBI) with a study group from Rumah Perubahan resolved to support an orphanage in Greater Jakarta. We made all the plan (in April) -including books and craft tools offering- and chose to run the act during the fasting month of Ramadhan (May 19th, 2018). The more I was involved, the further I realized they took a step ahead to do kindness. Everybody simply intended to present smile yet happiness to the children there with cheerful atmosphere.

Another exemplary is when the SBI fellows were settled to fulfill the open project of book’s donation to a region in Papua: Sorong. Rather, to extend the importance of having knowledge, they collaborated with Book for Papua community. Even it needed come into a decision to involve a young fellow from Rumah Perubahan to exchange idea with its local residents. And what made the effort memorable is the fulfillment that occurred in our nation’s 73rd annual Independence Day (August 17th, 2018). More, the SBI community’s vision to near itself through the work of broadening the balance of knowledge through education is very inspiring. All is for the sake of the larger outreach and broader balance of knowledge.

Keep Helping Caring and Loving.

These youngs have already proved that anyone can fill his/her life by doing right with full steam of determination in freedom. They are fully aware of what has been sustaining the country for long: dedication of helping one another. Their heart is more than caring; their heart is loving. Need we seek for evidence anymore? Just take a leaf from them. It is said that we are what we read and who our friends are. And right friends are the ones that helping and enabling us to live in right attitude (both morally yet spiritually) and happiness as well with GOD’s grace.

From Burden to Courage

The more we pay attention to argue for opinion against others, the more we are wasting every second of our active life to nowhere. As the result, more people will highly suffer because we let the plight take control of our life. Then, what is the aim of fighting again and again? Had it only burdened our mind, wouldn’t it spoil the core essence of living itself? However, we shall learn to fully control the flow of our mind, and let it welcome thoughts that are good and worthy too. If not, how else?

Try not to spoil our mind

Well, let me share this genuine story of mine to bear the despair over the miserable legacy a more. It is about my family’s legacy in which it is lacking of ability to openly welcome a brand-new approach. Unawares, my relatives -notably my parents- only perceived the reality partially. Consequently, they had a very biased way of living. I wish after entering the world of volunteerism it would have influenced their way of thinking. But alas, they remained the same. I was really frustrated. And it nearly killed me during the process to accept the fact; not to mention my heart still couldn’t fully admit it.

Luckily, the friends and environment I have chosen by myself (in the planet-earth’s guidance) truly provided me meaningful work which did engage the legacy of loving one another and merge every idea in a positive way for the good of the others. A month ago, for instance, I offered myself to directly compile all the work of SBI community in a writing content. The founder openly gave me a very obvious opportunity to compose it entirely.

There apparently lightened my burden and progressively converted it to courage. And later, she even granted me to build up all the concept for the community’s website ( under her guidance. Let alone SBI had a chance to receive more plenty of book and educative tools’ donation in a festive National Volunteer Day event arranged by IndoRelawan (December 1st, 2018), and we, its fellows, were determined to take it to run the project for the regions affected by natural catasthrope: Palu and Lombok. Obviously, it is a privilege to witness those all at the young age yet productive term.

The nature of living is to love one another.

And here is a lovely way not to give in to discouragement: “No need to prove ourselves and our work. Dare to set our mind right, and set our best foot forward.” We would rather endure in adversity than make bad choices invariably. So, it is high time we dared merge all the burden and transform it into courage. Only we can do it for ourselves. But firstly, we must acknowledge ourselves, our mistakes, and our weaknesses. Open our heart towards the wisdom in honesty. Surely, our burden will be lighter. And there will flow happiness to arouse the courage in gladness.

(Always) Hardest Choice

The act of “Helping, Caring, then Loving is truly connected to the harmony between thought, word, and deed. And it is the hallmark of the avail of living itself. Yet, we often heave ourselves about insignificant things in life. And some keep lying to themselves and anyone else as though nothing would come back after them.

In any journey, not every day can be bright, and always does the hardest choice inescapably prevail. It is to be meant as the mixture of sunshine and pleasure, yet teardrops and pain. Each has the role to imbue every person with an emphatic outlook, not to let the mankind to be preoccupied with his own acquisitive aspirations. As the measure of truest sense is about to be keen with full justice (what can/must be done), not to be pliable to regret (what should have been done). Lo! One day, somebody, somewhere in this planet-earth, will smile back at us naturally. And know this. We will love one another always. That is the nature of living. So keep helping, caring, and then loving. Happy Holiday.

Juan Karnadi
Content Writer
Sedekah Buku Indonesia

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